Friday, November 1, 2013

I want to marry you because...

Two years ago, after my divorce, I was absolutely 100% convinced that I would NEVER, EVER, get married again. I had been there, done that and had absolutely no desire to travel down that road again. Marriage was for the naive and innocent and I would never be either again...Then I met my honey. It was rather close to love at first sight and I know with everything in me that we were meant to meet. It was too coincidental to not have been preordained. Initially, we both swore that we might be together forever, but marriage just wasn't in the cards again for either of us. He had been married twice before and didn't want a third; that stigma, that belief he would be ridiculed and/or disappoint his family again, and he didn't want to fail. Eventually I found myself wondering what it would be like to be his wife. To have that connection, the commitment, the intimacy. The idea started appealing to me more and more and I found myself feeling scared, and stupid. I finally told him and of course he acted just as I knew he would-shocked and dismayed! There have been many discussions and although he isn't 100% ready for the married part, I know he is 100% committed to me and there will be a time he will ask-and I believe that time will probably be sooner rather than later.
A few weeks ago I caught the Pinterest bug of creating a wedding board and while some of it may stray from what I wanted or be a little more wedding-y that I would ever really want, one of the ideas has stuck with me. It is a book that is titled "I want to marry you because..." to be written in from the time of proposal and given as a gift on our wedding day. I think this is amazing because it will show him exactly why, exactly how. I haven't found a book to write it in, but I thought I'd start his list here, and keep updating it, until we are married and I can present it to him. So, my honey, I want to marry you because...

you dance for me- and that foot goes up and its so cute
you love animals and treat them with respect
and you love ours like they're are kids
you sing to me in bed, the most romantic songs

you are calm and rational
you have an insane obsession with salt water tanks-and fish-and stores- and equipment!
you do things like this
you are my best friend
you call me princess 

you love my best friends
Wadatenchu! or is it purple?

you aren't romantic, but sometimes you say the most romantic things-when i least expect them

you love holding hands
you gave me a son

you are an AMAZING daddy
you go to every sporting event possible

you gave me an actual red-headed step child
you know how and when to apologize and mean it

you accept my apologies and never hold them against me

you love your mom so very very much
your parents are wonderful and generous
you are just like them
you are shy

you think i'm beautiful and tell me every day

you support me when I run, and encourage me to be better
you love me even when im upset and you know how to calm me

because when im hurt and need help you are always there
you are a goof ball, just like me
you're sometimes rather disgusting and a total boy

you do fun things with me and dont mind wearing pink
you love when i paint my nails fun

you love to hike with me

you love my daughter
 you always support her, encourage her and listen to her

you love adventure just as much as i do

you made us a family